Jo Boaler - Math education needs a new formula

Episode 9 · April 25th, 2019 · 34 mins 13 secs

About this Episode

Jo Boaler is all about math. An author, educator and founder from Britain, Jo is currently a mathematics professor at Stanford's Graduate School of Education and an activist for math education reform. She leads youcubed, an organization aimed at promoting real and fun learning of math to children, which hearing about to us was incredibly interesting, given that we've both seen first-hand the failure of public systems to deliver a proper math education. Im sure most of you would agree that, whether or not you were "naturally" good at it, math was probably the least well-taught and most boring class in school. It can be really de-motivating to not actually get a math concept and then not have fun at all while failing at learning it. Jo was super insightful when it came to these very real, very widespread problems in education and has a stellar track record of improving results and attitudes around math to back up her insights.