Zavain Dar - Creating deep tech for a new era

Episode 10 · May 9th, 2019 · 39 mins 33 secs

About this Episode

Zav is one of the most "in" people in tech right now. Holding a Master's in Computer Science from Stanford, Zav is a partner at Lux Capital, which is a VC firm focused on investing in emerging tech from the most innovative sectors. At Lux, Zav's been drawn to companies that use AI and machine learning to make the experience of life better, and has led investments in entrepreneurs doing so in everything from neural nets to medicines for rare diseases, and from quantum computing and to tax preparation. Zav has also applied his knack for philosophy towards drafting Lux's theses on Genetics, Synthetic Biology, and Blockchain, which basically means he knows what to look for in emerging startups in those sectors.

When we googled Zav and really understood the depth and breadth of his skillset, we knew we had to tailor our discussion with him towards the more philosophical, and strategic parts of his work. As we sat down with him in Lux Capital's nice Menlo Park office space and chugged down our free sparkling waters we realized that we needed to pry Zav open and really touch on the parts of his work that truly drive humanity forward. So stay tuned for a great conversation about how, what and where to look for the right ideas that have a lot of impact, the problems with investing in these big ideas, and how AI / machine learning, quantum computing, crypto and emerging technology will shape our very immediate future.